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Slat, Electrical Firing, 10 Position, Standard

Slat, Electrical Firing, 10 Position, Standard
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Item: GN6090
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Price: $63.75

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Product Information
Slats are used to connect electric matches to the power source of an firing system. Each slat can accommodate up to 10 firing cues. Any cue can in turn, consist of from 1-50 electric matches if you use our CD firing systems and fresh batteries. Slats are normally placed within a few feet of the pyrotechnic device(s) to be fired.

You can quickly and easily connect electric matches or lead wires to our slats--no wire twisting, no lugs, no screws etc. Just push each lever down - insert the wire - release the lever.

Contains ten pairs of audio style connectors, one pair for each cue. 1 inch thick by 3 inches wide by 8 inches long and constructed of heavy-duty printed circuit board to provides reliable wiring. Mounted on a wooden platform for support and durability. Each cue is labeled in large white numerals which makes it easy to see in the dark. Uses a DB25F connector for input from GN6080 cable.

Redundancy is built in by providing two pins per signal and five pins for ground.

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