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2-inch Cylinder Shell Kit

2-inch Cylinder Shell Kit
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Item: KT0040
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Price: $89.32

Product Information
Make your first aerial shells from start to finish in an hour or less! This kit uses plastic shells which are glued and taped. They make a beautiful "sky mine" effect using short pieces of flying fish fuse, instead of stars.

It's really easy to simply cut the pieces of flying fish fuse that come in your kit to use as "poor-man's" stars. This is a fast, simple and uncomplicated way to learn basic shell construction.

You get enough materials to make 12, two-inch crackling flying fish canister shells.

All you have to do is supply the black powder or black powder on rice hulls, and a 2-1/2 inch mortar tube, TU2238. These tubes do not come with bases, though. Check out how to reuse these tubes over and over, and to make sturdy wooden bases for them.

Each kit contains:
- Crackling Flying Fish Fuse - 2 colors (our choice), 200 feet
- 1/4-Inch Time Fuse, 20 inches (GN2010)
- Super-Fast Paper Fuse, 40 feet (GN1207)
- #5 Plastic Shells, 12 sets (PL1020)
- Green Chinese Visco Fuse, 20 Feet (GN1005)

You can either get PVC glue locally or methylene chloride to glue your shells together.

You will need to either buy the black powder for this project, or make it yourself. If you don't have a ball mill to make your own BP, order the Red Gum Black Powder Kit.

Or you can make more powerful black powder with a ball mill, lead balls, and the Black Powder Chemicals Kit.

Don't forget, you'll need at least 2.5-inch ID (#100) mortar tubes, black powder, and some supplies you probably already have at home (be sure and read the project tutorial before you start).

Click here for the detailed, step-by-step 2-inch Cylinder Shell tutorial.

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