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20" Gold Wedding & Party Sparklers (32 sparklers)

20" Gold Wedding & Party Sparklers (32 sparklers)
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Item: NV0571
Unit: 32 sparklers
Price: $16.46

Product Information
#20 Sparklers are the most popular sparklers used in weddings and parties in the US.

20-inch gold sparklers burn for 80-120 seconds, which is enough time for all your guests to light their sparklers and have them burning at the same time when the bride and groom leave.

They’re easy to hold by both children and adults—not too heavy like longer sparklers, which burn longer; but are harder to hold.

Remember that these wire sparklers do not drop ashes and flaming material on wedding clothes, like wooden-stick sparklers do. You Should Never use wood-stick sparklers for weddings. They will drip burning ashes everywhere, burn holes in clothing, or worse.

How do you get sparklers for 100 wedding guests lit at the same time in 30 seconds?

First, start with a wind-proof lighter. Use it to light a single sparkler. Use that first sparkler to light 5 more. Quickly, get each of those five people to light five more people up. Repeat the process ‘til all 100 sparklers are fired up. This will allow enough sparkler burn time for the new couple to pass through a gorgeous sparkling pathway of sparklers—the perfect photo opportunity, and maybe the best one of the whole wedding!

Always keep sparklers one foot or away from anything you care about.

#20’s make great wedding favor sparklers for every one of your guests. Do not use them as indoor sparklers. They are too smoky.

How many should you get? Rrule of thumb: calculate one sparkler for each guest up to 100 guests. For 200 or more guests, allow 2 sparklers each--it always takes longer to light up 200 people. So you'll probably want to make sure each guest has 2 sparklers. And be sure you have a few extras for testing and rehearsing before the main event.

4 packs, 8 sparklers per individual pack, for a total of 32 sparklers.

*Packaging may differ from the image.

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