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3-Inch Plastic Ball Shell Kit

3-Inch Plastic Ball Shell Kit
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Item: KT0030
Unit: 1 kit
Price: $39.89

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Product Information
This kit contains enough 3-inch plastic shell parts and fuse to make 15 shells and a mortar tube to fire them out of. You supply the black powder and stars.

Each kit contains:
-3-inch Plastic Ball Shells, 15 sets (PL2050)
-1/4-inch Time Fuse, 3.5 feet (GN2010)
-Fast Fuse, 50 feet (GN1205 or GN1207)
-Chinese Visco Fuse, 10 feet (GN1008)
-3-inch Mortar Tube, 1 tube (PL3176 or PL3183)
*Note Stars & Black Powder not included

The next section contains black powder and star making kit options. Before you add any of these kits to your order, be sure to click on each one, and check it out in detail. All of them need other things like screens, star pumps, etc., which you may or may not already own. You wouldn't want to have a kit delivered, only to find out that you're missing a key component.

You will need black powder to make these shells. If you don't already have it, here are two options:

Get the Red Gum Black Powder Kit if you do not have a ball mill.

But the most powerful black powder is made using a ball mill, lead balls, and the Black Powder Chemicals Kit.

Here are a some options for making the stars for your ball shells: Both of these kits contains enough material to fill all 15 shells:

The D1 Gold Glitter Star and Comet Kit makes gorgeous golden glittering stars.

The Rainbow Colors Rubber Stars Kit will let you make any color of star in 3 hours, start to finish. If you make these stars, you'll also need the Rubber Stars Prime Kit. Rubber stars are the fastest stars you can make.

The Zinc Cut Stars Kit makes beautiful blue-green easy to make stars.

You'll also need some supplies you probably already have at home. Be sure and read the project instructions before you start.

This kit can be used with two projects:

Click here for Making Basic 3-Inch Plastic Ball Shells.

Click here for Hybrid 3-Inch Plastic Ball Shells.

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