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Professional Fireworks Display Supplies

Do you want to upgrade your consumer fireworks show to more than just lighting each item, one a time? Would you like to really knock your audience's socks off?

Well, if you have the right equipment and supplies, you can actually create a fireworks display as good as or better than the professional ones that you see on the Fourth of July. Look at what my friends Ron Silva and Danny Clark did, using nothing but consumer fireworks. By the way, their displays are consistent first-place winners at the Pyrotechnics Guild International's annual competitions.


Pirates of Carribbean

Both of those shows rival the very best musically choreographed shows done by fireworks professionals anywhere.

Use extra mortar tubes to launch your reloadables, festival balls, and artillery shells. Lower cost cardboard firework tubes can be treated with polyurethane or varnish and last a very long time, if you take care of them. Most professional fireworkers use HDPE mortars, with sturdy wooden plugs glued and screwed into the bottom. Recently, very affordable and tough fiberglass mortar tubes have arrived on the scene from China.

All of your fireworks mortar tubes will need to be built into sturdy wooden mortar racks. You can learn to make mortar racks yourself, or save time by ordering ready made mortar racks. Professionals have dozens or hundreds of these racks in every display. You never seem to have enough. Typically our customers will gradually add more mortars and racks every year, until they have enough for any fireworks display they might be shooting.

Many fireworks people start the process of making their shows more professional by first connecting multiple firework devices together with fireworks fuse, so that the fireworks fire at nearly the same time. To do that, you will need various kinds of firework fuse. Fireworks fuses come in different types and burn speeds. Be sure and get several hundred feet of standard American Visco fuse (sometimes called cannon fuse or hobby fuse) or Chinese Visco safety fuse. You will also need some fast yellow Visco fuse and fast paper fuses. If you live near Skylighter (northern Virginia), you may even want to come by and pick up some Quickmatch, the fastest of all the fuses (sorry, it cannot be shipped, but you can make quickmatch yourself).

In the videos above you will see many fireworks fired exactly at the same time. This is done using an electrical fireworks firing system. Electrically controlled fireworks displays require three basic components: an electrical firing control box, shooting wire to connect various fireworks, and electric matches to ignite fuses or fireworks. Skylighter offers different types of firing systems to suit your needs. Remote (wireless) firing systems are arguably the most convenient to use. Cable systems are the most reliable and safest.

At the fireworks end, it is an electric match that produces the fire that ignites each firework device. Whether connected directly to the firework or to its fuse, the ematch is a necessary part of your electrical firing system. You can only use an electric match one time, so depending on the complexity of your fireworks display, you may need a few or hundreds of fireworks igniters. Although commercially made ematches are available, you need a BATF explosives license to buy them, and Skylighter does not carry them. Instead, Skylighter offers electric match kits for you to make your own. These are legal and do not require an ATF license.

As you professionalize your fireworks displays, you can opt to play music in the background. As long as you have a good sound system, this is an easy way to add emotional impact and excitement to your show. Eventually, you may even make the leap to computer controlled remote firework ignition. These high-end systems let you time your fireworks so that they launch or explode in time to the music. This is the ultimate in fireworks displays today.

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Cardboard mortar tube for Class C firework shells, also called festival balls. These tubes are unplugged.

How to Make Cardboard Mortar Tubes Last a Long Time

Dimensions: 1-3/4" ID, 1-15/16" OD, 3/32" wall thickness, 10" length
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