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Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit

Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit
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Item: KT1200
Unit: kit
Price: $389.72

Product Information
The Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit contains all the chemicals, fuse, tubes, tools, etc. that you need to make all the projects in the Turbo Pyro book.

The Kit includes a downloadable Turbo Pyro ebook, which you can download as soon as you finish placing your order.

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Each kit contains:
- Chinese Visco fuse, 65 feet (#GN1005)
- Chinese 1mm Visco fuse, 3 feet (#GN1010)
- Chinese fast yellow Visco fuse, 25 feet (#GN1100)
- Chinese Super Fast paper fuse, 10 feet (#GN1205)
- Flying Fish Fuse, various colors, 16 feet
- Potassium Nitrate, 2 lbs. (#CH5302)
- Airfloat Charcoal, 8 ounces (#CH8068)
- 80 mesh Charcoal, 4 ounces (#CH8066)
- Sulfur, 6 ounces (#CH8315)
- Dextrin, 2 ounces (#CH8107)
- Bentonite clay, 1 lb. (#CH8078)
- Ferrotitanium, 6 ounces (#CH8112)
- Paper tubes, 10 (#TU2053)
- Plastic base, 10 (#PL3001)
- #5 Plastic shell sets, 5 (#PL2030)
- 3/8" paper tube, 85 (#TU1008)
- 5/16" paper tube, 15 (#TU2020)
- 333 gram electronic scale (#TL5021)
- Fiberglass festival ball mortar tube (#PL3182)
- 3/8-inch combo tool (#TL1402, for fountains, rockets, stinger missiles, star pump)

You can see pictures of each of these items in Chapter 2 of the Turbo Pyro ebook. Kit ships in 2 boxes.

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