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*Zinc Stars Special Package Offer Details:

Hurry! Offer Ends Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Use PROMO CODE 50608

Get all the chemicals you need to make Beautiful Zinc Stars (greenish-blue with orange tails) plus high quality black powder for star priming, lift powder, and burst powder for shells between now and Midnight (Eastern time), Tuesday, May 06, 2008, and save $19.10.

Here's what you get in the Zinc Stars Special Package for $79.95:

Potassium Nitrate: 10 lbs.
Airfloat Charcoal: 5 lbs.
Dextrin: 1 lb.
Red Gum: 1 lb.
Sulfur: 1 lb.
Zinc: 3 lb.

When purchased separately, the total cost of all 6 items is $99.05. Take advantage of this special offer, and you get them all for $79.95, saving you $19.10.

But it gets better!



1 Lb. of Copper Chloride (#CH8091) for coloring campfires, making ghost mines, or coloring pine cones for fireplaces--a $14.14 value.

1 Lb. of PVC Powder (#CH8216), a color enhancer used in colored star formulas--an $8.38 value.

1 Musical Birthday Candle (#NV0730), a $4.56 value.
Try this great trick on your next birthday cake. You'll be amazed at people's reaction when they see and hear it.

So, if you order the Zinc Stars Special Package before midnight, Saturday, May 3, 2008, you'll save $19.10 on the zinc stars chemicals and get $27.08 in free products just for placing your order by midnight, Saturday, May 3rd! And don't forget, there are enough black powder chemicals in the package for you to be able to make all the high quality black powder you will need to make several of the 4 inch shells to be featured in our next newsletter! How much more of an excuse do you need?! Huh?

Order right away. This sale starts now and ends midnight (Eastern time), Tuesday, May 06, 2008. See fine print below for terms and Promo Code.

Use Promo Code 50608: Cut and paste this number into the Promo Code Box of your order.

Just click Add to Shopping Cart below to get the Zinc Stars Special Package.

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Fine Print for Zinc Stars Special Package:

Wade through it now or weep later.

- You have to place your order using the shopping cart here on this web site.
To take advantage of this deal, you cannot fax your order in, phone your order in, mail your order in, email it, nor wish it was here. You have to complete the order using the cart. That means you must pay by credit card. If you do not receive a confirmation email that your order was received by us, then your order was not completed.

- You have to enter Promo Code 50608 in the Promo Code box in your order.
You will see the Promo Code box as you check out in the shopping cart. If you don't enter it there, it won't get seen by the almighty computer here. If you write it into the Comments, it will not be seen by our robot, and you will lose, lose, lose.

- This offer is for shipment to US addresses only.
Sorry, but we no longer ship to addresses outside of the USA.

- You have to order before Midnight, Eastern time, Tuesday, May 06, 2008
(not Kuala Lumpur time, not Central, Rocky Mountain, nor Pacific Time). Your order has to be received here prior to that time--no exceptions.

- Your order cannot include anything showing as "Temporarily Unable to Ship" or
"Not Shippable"
on our web site unless you're gonna pick it up at our warehouse or have us deliver it. The minimum order total cannot include shipping charges or sales taxes.

- No funny money will be accepted on your order if you take advantage of this special offer.

- There is no minimum order required.

- You have to enter Promo Code 50608 in the Promo Code box in the shopping cart.
You can't just write "Whatever Specials You Have Right Now" or words to that effect into your order.

- Your shopping cart will not show your freebies.
Once we receive your order, we will add the free bonus products and make sure you get them.

- We have to receive your ID and Hold Harmless by the deadline
(or you must have accepted the Hold Harmless Agreement and gotten your age verified on our web site). You can't submit your order and then send your papers later, after the deadline.

- This deal cannot be combined with any other special offer or discounts.

- No, we won't give you this deal on the order you have already sent us.
Nor can you call us and tell us you forgot to mention it, because remember? You didn't ask for the deal back then! You must use at least 1.23% of your remember-power to get this deal.

- Yes, we really did conspire to send out this deal right after we got your huge order at full price! You KNOW we did! Must have!

- The shipping method will US Mail Parcel Post (surface). Sorry, no faster shipping method can be used.

Just click Add to Shopping Cart below to get the Zinc Stars Special Package.

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