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Aluminum, atomized, spherical, 20 micron

Aluminum, atomized, spherical, 20 micron
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Item: CH0123
Unit: lb.
1 - 4 lbs. $20.27 per pound
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10+ lbs. $14.19 per pound    Save 30%, $6.08 per pound

Product Information
+200-325 mesh, 20 micron average, uncoated

This atomized aluminum powder works well in glitter compositions and in stars as a flame brightener. Also in ammonium perchlorate based solid rocket fuels.

Baechle 6 - Blue Star:
Potassium Perchlorate 30
Barium Nitrate 20
Parlon 20
Copper(II) Oxide, black 10
Aluminum, atom. spher.
20 micron
Hexamine 6
Red Gum 4
You can substitute lactose for the hexamine and screen slice these.

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