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Ball Mill, 6-Pound Weight Capacity

Ball Mill, 6-Pound Weight Capacity
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Item: TL5005
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Product Information
This compact ball mill will produce about 4 ounces of high quality black powder in 2-3 hours. Or use it to grind about 6 ounces of individual chemicals.

The "6 Pound Capacity" of this mill refers to the weight of a fully loaded mill jar (lead milling media plus chemicals).

This is the perfect starter ball mill. Using about 200 (5 lbs.) 1/2-inch hardened lead balls in one jar, you can make high quality black powder that will be equal or greater in power to commercial BP, and suitable for every kind of firework.

Although the mill comes with 2 mill jars, you can only run one jar at a time. So, you end up with a backup jar, or you can dedicate each one to milling a particular kind of chemical, like clumpy oxidizers, or black powder, etc.

If you're planning to make your own black powder, the Black Powder Chemicals Kit (shown on the left side of this page) contains everything you need and will save you 20% off the retail price of the chemicals. It comes with complete instructions for using this mill to make professional-grade black powder. To make different grades of black powder, you need certain sized screens:

To make 2FA black powder (lift powder), get a 4-Mesh Framed Screen.

For 4FA black powder, you'll need a 20-Mesh Framed Screen.

This ball mill does need to have a small modification made to it in order to make it mill efficiently. You can download the complete instructions here: Ball Mill Instructions.

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