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Blue Smoke Bomb Kit

Blue Smoke Bomb Kit
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Item: KT0430
Unit: kit
Price: $59.84

Product Information
Skylighter's blue smoke bomb kit contain pre-measured amounts of the two powders you need to make blue smoke, along with enough tubes, paper plugs, and fuse to make up to 20 big, long burning smoke bombs.

Each kit contains:
1 lb. of colored smoke mix
168 grams of potassium chlorate
20 tubes (TU2147) (1-9/16 ID x 1-3/4 long)
40 paper end caps (PC1800)
10 feet visco fuse (GN1005)

This is enough material to make up to 20 big blue smoke bombs that burn for 30-60 seconds each. The actual number of smoke bombs you will be able to make may vary. If you have any tubes, plugs, and fuse left over, order colored Smoke Chemicals Kits (smoke mix and potassium chlorate only) so you can make more smoke bombs.

The blue smoke mix, and a second container containing exactly the right amount of potassium chlorate to mix with it are pre-measured exactly. You don't need any other chemicals. There's no guesswork. Just thoroughly mix the two chemicals and follow the instructions for making your own smoke bombs. After mixing thoroughly, you will end up with about 1.25 lbs. of mixed blue smoke composition, ready to use.

Note: The two chemicals must be shipped separately, so your kit will come to you in two boxes by US Mail surface (Parcel Post). Shipping weight is 4 lbs.

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