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Blue Strobe Rockets - DVD

Blue Strobe Rockets - DVD
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Product Information
Infamous (hide your daughters) rocketman, Doc Barr shows how he produces a blue strobe rocket using GE Silicone II at his seminar at the 1999 PGI convention. Doc leads us on a merry tour through safely producing this spectacular rocket. He even shows you how to make Blue Whizzie stars with leftover comp. Doc gives the Silicone II formula, tells about its impact sensitivity and how to ram a rocket with a comp that is impact sensitive. While showing us how to mix a batch of comp, he tells about his lessons learned: the importance of cleaning the spindle each time, how to granulate the comp, and how to make a nozzle for this rocket. Then he describes his technique for adding a garnishment, and the critical way to fuse this unusual rocket. This is NOT a regular black powder rocket. It takes special techniques and special care. 46 minutes.

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