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Copper (II) Chloride, Anhydrous

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Item: CH8091
Unit: lb.
1 - 4 lbs. $22.87 per pound
5 - 9 lbs. $19.44 per pound    Save 15%, $3.43 per pound
10+ lbs. $16.01 per pound    Save 30%, $6.86 per pound

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Product Information
(copper(II) chloride, anhydrous; cupric chloride; campfire blue) [CuCl2] greenish tan powder.

Copper chloride is primarily used as a brilliant blue flame coloring agent for campfires, pine cones, and outdoor fireplace logs. Used as a blue coloring agent in some fireworks. It is soluble in water. 98% purity.

Although copper chloride is by far the best open flame coloring agent, there are other chemicals which produce green, red, and magenta, shown to the left.

See Copper Chloride in a fire.

Check out this project on making colored liquid fire and "Ghost Mines."

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