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Ematch blanks (inert) 1 foot wires attached

Ematch blanks (inert) 1 foot wires attached
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Item: GN5040
Unit: 50 ea.
Price: $35.76

Product Information
Ematch Blanks are used to make electric matches used to ignite fireworks using an electrical firing system. Each Ematch Blank consists of a small chip, containing a nichrome bridge wire (48-49 gauge, 0.035 mm). This chip has two 0.3 meter (approximately 1 foot) "lead" wires soldered to it. To make an electric match, you coat the bridge-wire end of the ematch blank with a pyrotechnic mixture. Once dry this "pyrogen" will ignite when an electric current is introduced.

So, to use an ematch, you attach the ematch to whatever you want to ignite or fire: a fuse, the lift powder in an aerial shell, a rocket or whatever. Ematches can be used one time.

These ematches require the same current as commercial ematches: 1A will always fire the ematch (20mA can be used to test the ematch without firing).

IMPORTANT: Always test ematch blanks before making them into electric matches and after. To prevent accidental firing, and to be safe, always used Skylighter's Ematch Tester. Unlike common electrical circuit continuity testers, the very low voltage test current in Skylighter's GN5005 Ematch Tester will not accidentally fire your ematches.

Each match chip is covered by a plastic protective shroud, which can slide up and down the wires. Finished ematches are sensitive to friction and shock. By covering the ematch head, the shroud helps to prevent accidental friction or impact ignition of the ematch.

There is no pyrotechnic composition (pyrogen) on these chips. Be sure and use the pyrogen in Skylighter's Ematch Dip Kit for most reliable results. 50 Ematch Blanks in a plastic bag. Colors may be different than what is shown in photos and/or instructions

Note: Colors may vary.

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