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Electric Match Dip Kit - 2nd Generation

Electric Match Dip Kit - 2nd Generation
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Item: GN5051
Unit: 1 kit
Price: $63.54

Product Information
Makes 300-500 electric matches.

"Store-bought" ematches cost $1.00 or more apiece, and you must apply for and get a Federal explosives license to be able to buy them.

Instead you can quickly, easily, and legally make your own ematches (no Federal license required) by dipping ematch "blanks" using this highly-reliable Ematch Dip Kit. The kit contains all pre-measured pyrotechnic chemicals needed to make electric matches.

CAUTION: Some dip kits currently being sold by competitors will produce ematches with only 65-80% firing reliability. If you need to be sure your ematches will fire every time, this high quality kit will significantly reduce your chances of ematch failure.

But to be completely sure, you will need to test the current in each ematch after you make them. If you don't already have one, be sure and get an Ematch Tester. Test every single ematch blank before you did it, and after they are dry.

- Ematch Blanks with wires

Follow the simple directions to mix the two-part pyrogen, and you can be making electric matches in ten minutes. This is the most reliable ematch we know how to make--much reliable than any of the other methods for making ematches on our site.

Kit contains: 3 components in 3 separate bottles in each kit.

Click here to learn how to make electric igniters (ematches).

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