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Exhibition Candle Construction - DVD

Exhibition Candle Construction - DVD
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Product Information
Making roman candles: just a simple star mine shooting a single star, and repeated a few times. What could be simpler? Or is it all that simple? Join Mark Mara as he carefully explains how these large bore candles can be made to function flawlessly and produce extraordinary effects, time after time. Mark will show you how to make 1-1/4 inch exhibition Roman candles that shoot glittering crossettes. About half the video is spent in showing how to make the glittering crossette stars. Mark uses a variety of jigs, fixtures, special tools, and devices that he shows in detail. He even shows you how to make a hydraulic press. Why ram comp when you can press it in this easily built hydraulic press? He shows how to use a torque wrench to make consistently pressed stars. There's much more on this tape than can be described here. 60 minutes.

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