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How To Use CDU Electric Firing System GN6010/GN011

Instructions for Using
Capacitor Discharge Electrical Firing System


This is a capacitor-discharge (CD) 10-cue (or channel) firing box. It is used to remotely fire one or more electric matches. Each channel (or cue) can fire 1-50 matches wired in series (daisy-chained). This rugged system is housed in a 5 inch x 6 inch x 1.5 inch thick plastic case with aluminum face plate.

CD Firing Box (GN6010)

You can buy the firing box by itself (#GN6010), or buy it as a kit (#GN6011) with a 100-ft. DB25 cable and one 10-cue electrical firing slat (#GN6090).

GN6011 Kit, CD Firing Box with Firing Slat and 100-ft. DB25 wire

On the face plate is a key lock switch for main power. This is a safety measure put in place so that only persons with a key can turn the firing box on or off. Each firing box comes with two keys.

Power Key switch

A DB25F receptacle for output to our GN6080 100 foot cable and our GN6090 10 Position Slat is positioned at the top of face plate.

DB25F Output

Below the DB25F receptacle is a rotary switch to select the desired cue (1 through 10). The two 0 positions are empty and your rotary switch should be turned to either of these at any time you are not ready to fire.

Rotary Cue Selector Switch

There is also a "TEST/ARM" mode switch, the Test option is used for testing continuity of your ematches and circuits while the Arm option is used when you are ready to fire.

TEST/ARM Toggle Switch

The "push to test" switch with LED light is used when the firing box is switched to TEST. When you push the button the red LED light will light up if the continuity is good for your selected cue (a cue with an ematch or circuit must be selected with the rotary switch).

Test push Button with red LED test light

An "ON/OFF" momentary power switch is used as a safety measure, it must be held down in the ON position in order for the capacitor to charge. If you release the ON/OFF button at any time it will shunt the capacitor through a resistor, draining its power.

Momentary ON/OFF Switch

The momentary "FIRE/OFF" switch with ready-light is used to fire the cues when ready. The Ready-light will begin flashing when the momentary ON/OFF switch is held in the ON position. The capacitor is fully charged when the Ready light stays on without blinking (steady on).

Momentary FIRE/OFF Switch with Ready Light

The slats that are used with the CD firing box (GN6090/GN6091) are 1 inch thick by 3 inches wide by 8 inches long and constructed of heavy-duty printed circuit board to provide reliable wiring. Mounted on a wooden platform for support and durability. Each cue is labeled in large white numerals, which makes it easy to see in the dark.

Slats GN6090(Standard) and GN6091(Series)

You can quickly and easily connect electric matches or lead wires to our slats--no wire twisting, no lugs, no screws etc. Just push each lever down - insert the wire - release the lever.

Wires Connected to Slats

Each slat contains ten pairs of speaker terminal connectors, one pair for each cue. The slats use a DB25F connector for input from GN6080 cable. Redundancy is built in by providing two pins per signal and five pins for ground.

Using the GN6010 Firing Box with one GN6090 10-cue Slat

Normal firing procedure is to first connect one or more electric matches to the pyrotechnic device(s) being fired. Connect the electric matches to the GN6090 slat, then connect the slat to the GN6080 100 foot cable, connect the cable to the firing box at the DB25F receptacle.

When you are ready to use your system, turn the power switch on.

Firing Box Turned ON

Then turn the arming switch to "Test" mode and the rotary switch to the first cue number to test.

Firing Box Ready To Test Cue #1

Then push the test button to see if the red LED lights up in the built-in circuit tester.

Red Continuity Light (light on means continuity is good)

If the LED does light up, you have good continuity through that firing circuit. If the LED does not light up check your circuit and try the continuity test again (make sure all ematches have been tested for continuity before connecting in series, one dead match will ruin your circuit). Turn the rotary switch to each of the remaining cues, repeating the continuity test as you go, until all firing circuits have been tested. When you are ready to fire, switch the Arm/Test switch to "Arm".

Firing Box Armed and Ready to Begin charging Capacitor

Move the rotary switch to the first position (usually #1), hold the momentary ON/OFF switch on the ON position. The Ready light will begin to flash as the capacitor charges, once the ready light stops flashing (steady on) the firing box is ready to fire, press the Fire switch, which will fire all the electric matches on that cue.

Ready Light ON, Firing Box Ready To Fire

With a new "C" alkaline battery (one required, not included), the unit will re-charge in 10 seconds. The system will generate 300 volts (rated at 8.7 joules).

Using the GN6090 firing box with multiple GN6091 firing slats

The GN6091 "Series Slat" is used when you want to fire multiple devices all at the same time from different positions in the fireworks display. For instance, you could set up your display with 4 series slats, 40 feet apart from each other, all cabled together. In position #1 on each series slat, you could have red roman candles wired in. Then, when you fire #1 on your firing box, all the red roman candles would fire at the same time. The instructions for firing are the same as when using the GN6090 slat by itself.

To connect series slats, use 25-wire, straight-through serial cables, with male DB25 connectors on each end. You can buy them at computer stores in various lengths, 100-ft lengths available from Skylighter (#GN6080). The last slat in a series must be one of our standard slats (#GN6090). Each slat can accommodate up to 10 firing cues. Any cue can in turn, consist of from 1-50 electric matches. Slats are normally placed within a few feet of the pyrotechnic device(s) to be fired.

Trouble Shooting

  • Does the Power light come on?

    • If the Power light does not come on put in a new battery and try again.
  • When ematches are plugged into the terminals on the slats, the Test button is pushed and the rotary switch is turned to a cue, does the continuity LED light turn on?

    • If the light does not come on, first make sure the rotary switch is turned to the number of the cue you are testing for.

    • If the rotary switch is in the correct position and the Test light is not coming on try putting in new batteries.
  • When you push the ON/OFF momentary switch does the ready light start to blink?

    • If the ready light is not blinking make sure the ARM/TEST button is switched to ARM.

    • If the firing box is switched to ARM and the Ready light is still not blinking try putting in new batteries.

    • The Ready light should blink for a few seconds and then go to a steady “on”.
  • When you push the Fire button nothing happens

    • Make sure the Firing box is switched to ARM and you've held the ON/OFF momentary switch down until the Ready light is steady "on"

    • If the Ready light is steady "on" and nothing happens make sure the rotary switch is turned to a cue with ematches attaches

    • If the ematches are still not firing put new batteries in the firing system and try again.

      • If the ematches are still not firing check continuity on the cue again, if you still have continuity read Circuit and Match Problems

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