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Sky Lanterns: Chinese Paper Lantern Instructions

Carefully remove the sky lantern from its plastic packaging. Then carefully unfold the sky lantern, the tissue paper is very thin and easily torn. Carefully open up the sky lantern by gently shaking it, using the same type of motion you use to open a plastic garbage bag. Also, remove the plastic/paper from the wax fuel block (if present).

Light edge of wax paper fuel

Once your sky lantern is open, turn it on its side and light a corner of the fuel block. A butane windproof lighter works best. Be careful not to let the flame touch the paper. DO NOT LIGHT LANTERNS INDOORS.

Hold your Sky Lantern from the top

Once the fuel block is burning aggressively, turn the lantern right-side-up. Then hold the lantern by the top, allowing the sky lantern to fill with hot air. It may take a minute or two for the lantern to fill completely with hot air.

The sky lantern will get lighter and lighter and soon will want to lift itself into the air. Release when ready.

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