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Verification of Age and “Hold Harmless” Agreement

We require that anyone buying certain items, whether representing an organization, or buying as an individual, or being the holder of an ATFE High Explosives Manufacturing License must first do two things:
  1. Prove to us you are 21 years of age or older. There are two ways you can do this.

    1. Most US residents can verify their age online in a few seconds. When you use the shopping cart on the Skylighter web site to buy an age-restricted item, you will see an option to have your age verified online. Just check that option and follow the directions. If some situations (for instance, if you have moved recently), this online verification process may not work for you. In that case, go to “b.” below.

    2. Send us a copy of your identification. If you were not able to verify your age online, you can send us a copy of your driver’s license, passport or other form of identification. The fastest and most reliable way to do this is to email us a copy of your identification, preferably as a .jpg file attached to your email. If you fax us your ID, you should first enlarge and lighten the photocopy. If your photocopy is very, very clear, then it will probably come across on our end clearly. Please write your telephone number, name, and email address on the fax. If you fax, you should follow up with a phone call to make sure we received it. "Satisfactory" identification means just that: satisfactory to us. We can and do reject questionable identification and occasionally will ask for additional identification.

  2. Use Skylighter's Online Hold Harmless Agreement. If you order from our web site, you will automatically be presented with our Hold Harmless Agreement. All you have to do is accept or decline it, by clicking a button. If you accept it, you can proceed with your order. If you decline it, and if you don’t subsequently send us a signed copy, you won’t be able to order anything from Skylighter other than books, videos, and novelty fireworks. A copy of the Hold Harmless Agreement can be downloaded and printed from this site. By signing/accepting this agreement you are agreeing that should any accident or any other incident arise from the use of any of our products, that you will not make any legal or financial claims against Skylighter or any of its employees.

Verifying your age and accepting the Hold Harmless Agreement are one-time requirements. You do not need to ever submit them again. Skylighter does require these even if you already have an ATFE explosives manufacturing license. Please do not bother sending us non-explosives manufacturing licenses, gun licenses, etc. We don’t honor them, and you’d just be wasting your time sending them.

Creating an Account

Creating an account makes it easier and faster for you to place future orders. Having an account allows you to check the status of your orders right on the site, 24/7. You can create an account after you fill your shopping cart and check out. A page will be displayed asking you to sign in or giving you the option of creating an account. Click the Create Account button. You will need to enter an account name, password and your billing and/or shipping information (if shipping information is different from billing). Once you’ve completed the ordering process your account information will be saved.

First Time Customer Restrictions

If this is your first order with us, Skylighter’s policy is to not sell potassium perchlorate, potassium chlorate, or dark aluminum to you on your first order. This is because the majority of people ordering those items in their first order intend to use them for making illegal exploding devices (M80’s or similar devices). If you need one of those chemicals to make, say, whistle rockets, then you can still get what you need from us. Just order your fuel, rocket tubes, and tools one day and the perchlorate and any additional items later. Regretfully, increasing regulatory pressures cause us to police our incoming orders more than ever before. Therefore, Skylighter’s new policy is to refuse orders from anyone who, in our opinion, appears in any way to be making illegal exploding devices or who intends to.

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