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White Sugar Smoke Instructions

White smoke can easily be made with a mixture of 60% Potassium Nitrate and 40% Sorbitol.

Before getting started you will need to reduce both the Sorbitol and Potassium Nitrate to fine powders that can easily pass through a 60-mesh screen.

Skylighter's Potassium Nitrate will need to be ground to a fine powder using a small blade coffee mill. Sorbitol can clump up in storage so it should be pushed through a 60-mesh screen or powdered using a blade mill.

To create a small 100-gram batch of white smoke mix, weigh out 60 grams of finely powdered Potassium Nitrate and 40 grams of Sorbitol.

Place the weighed out chemicals into a sealable container that is at least 4 times the volume as the chemicals to be mixed. For this small 100-gram batch, the containers that your smoke chemicals shipped in will be big enough.

Verify that the container is sealed tightly. Aggressively shake the container back and forth to completely mix the two chemicals. Once mixed your white smoke mix will be ready for loading into heavy cardboard tubes or the containers of your choice.

Be careful, this mixture will be very flammable.

A simple smoke bomb can be made by placing a few scoops of white smoke mix in the center of a 6x6 square of heavy aluminum foil. Form the foil around the smoke mix like a bowl.

Insert a small length of visco fuse and close down the aluminum foil around the fuse. When finished you should have an aluminum foil ball filled with smoke mix, and a length of fuse extending from one side.

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