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How To Make Blinding Red Fireworks Stars

This was lifted off one of the internet mailing lists and described as "blinding red firework stars," our thanks to "Gary" who furnished this. We haven't tried it, but since it smells similar to the legendary Independence "Ruby" red firework stars, we thought you should have it. If you have ever seen Independence's Ruby red firework stars, you know how stunning these red firework stars were.

Parlon Red Firework Stars  (all parts by weight)
Strontium nitrate 50
Potassium perchlorate 8
Parlon 18
Magnesium/aluminum, -200 mesh 12
Charcoal, airfloat 5
Sulfur 5
Red gum 2
Dextrin +5

The writer rolls these red firework stars, primes with "superprime" (see Veline formula), and then black powder.

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