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Contains projects on making black powder, black match, quick match, fountains, drivers, rats and pigeons, lances, set pieces, sparklers, tourbillions, cut stars, mines, aerial shells, girandolas, star pumps, comets, round stars, roman candles, star plates, and Clark's Giant Steel Fountain.

How to Begin Making Fireworks

New to making fireworks? Do you want to make bigger, more powerful fireworks than what you can buy at the fireworks stand? Are you asking yourself how hard it is to begin making large fireworks? Or what you will need to make fireworks? Would you like to learn to start making big fireworks that look as good or better than those you saw at that last display?

  • Projects are arranged in a building block fashion
  • Easy to understand, no technical jargon
  • Wide range of projects will make you an accomplished Pyrotechnician
  • Complete lists of chemicals and tools needed for each project

Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics $74.97

Without exception, I recommend to everyone who wants to learn how to begin making fireworks that they start by getting a copy of Tom Perigrinís book, Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics. This should be your first step in making fireworks, before buying chemicals or any other books. There are a couple of reasons.

First, the book is arranged as a collection of projects in making fireworks arranged in building-block fashion. If you follow the sequence of projects in the order they are presented in the book, you will first learn the basics of making fireworks, and then more complex projects. Each project in making fireworks either builds upon earlier projects and/or uses fireworks materials you developed in the previous chapters.

Second, unlike virtually every other book on making fireworks, this one does not use fireworks jargon or descriptive terms without explaining them. You will be able to understand everything in this book. You do not have to be technically proficient in either pyrotechnics or chemistry.

Third, this book on making fireworks is comprehensive. It covers a wide variety of projects on making fireworks both from a practical standpoint, as well as theoretical. Although the book is described as "Introductory," in fact, if you were to build every project in the book, you would become a truly accomplished pyrotechnician.

Fourth, you'll see this book on making fireworks really is practical. For each project, you are given a list of everything you will need for making fireworks, including chemicals, supplies, and tools. If some special tool is needed, there are simple, step-by-step instructions for making it. Extensive lists of fireworks formulas were tested by the author and are provided here. There are specific recommendations for powders for making homemade fireworks. The chemicals called for are readily available.

For these reasons, we think Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics is the best first step for you to take in learning to make practical and perfect fireworks. It will help you to be safe in making fireworks and to avoid many of the pitfalls you might otherwise encounter without expert guidance.

Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics $74.97

Customer Reviews:

"Introductory Practical Pyrotechnics is in my opinion the #1 best book and should be required reading for all budding pyros." - Rob Wood

"Great recommendation for a beginning book, I have read it from cover to cover and am looking forward to starting the projects." - Doug M. -- Casper, WY

"After 6 years, I still use it." - Greg B. -- Havasu, AZ"