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How to Remove Rust Using Oxalic Acid

What is Oxalic Acid?
This material is shipped in a dry sugarlike condition. It activates upon being dissolved in warm water and is used to remove that brownish/reddish/blackish rust/oxide that appears as a stain on many surfaces.

Cautions about using Oxalic Acid:
Oxalic acid is a mild acid. Use rubber gloves when working with it. Immediately wash it off with clear water, if any gets on your skin.

How to use Oxalic Acid:

First make an Oxalic Acid solution:

Fill a plastic one gallon container 3/4 full with hot tap water. Pour in about 1/8 cup per gallon of the Oxalic Acid crystals and stir for five minutes. Be careful not to inhale any powder when adding the crystals. Once the OA is dissolved top off the container to a full gallon. Label the container and put out of reach of children or pets.

How to use Oxalic Acid:
  • STEP 1: Put on rubber gloves.
  • STEP 2: Treat the affected material (metal or otherwise) with a solution of water and oxalic acid. You can either submerge the rusty item in the oxalic acid solution or brush or rub the oxalic solution on. Be sure and test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage your item.
  • STEP 3: You may have to treat severe rust stains (especially in toilet bowls) with a pumice scouring pad along with the oxalic acid solution.
  • STEP 4: Prevent indoor metal items from rusting by keeping their surfaces dry, dusting regularly and wiping down occasionally with a damp cloth. Dry immediately after wiping down.
  • STEP 5: Keep outdoor wrought-iron structures rust-free by removing existing rust with a wire brush, some sandpaper
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