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Item: CH8170
Unit: lb.
1 - 4 lbs. $19.76 per pound
5 - 9 lbs. $16.80 per pound    Save 15%, $2.96 per pound
10+ lbs. $13.83 per pound    Save 30%, $5.93 per pound

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Product Information
[C] Lampblack is an extremely lightweight black powder.

Lampblack in fireworks produces long lasting, very fine dim gold sparks. Primarily in Senko Hanabi sparklers and some long hang time gold streamer and willow stars.

In rockets it's used to opacify rocket fuel grains. The opacifier accelerates the rate of surface burning and prevents infrared energy from penetrating the propellant grain and causing motor pre-ignition.

Formulas using lampblack:
Firefly Aluminum Rocket Fuel
Willow Comet and Star Formulas
Tiger Willow Stars

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