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Lance tube

Lance tube
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Item: TU2020
Unit: 100 ea.
Price: $27.94

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Product Information
Lance tubes are thin walled spiral tubes designed specifically for making lances for setpieces. Each little lance is actually a small fountain. You fill a series of lance with a color composition designed to burn one minute. They are then attached to a wooden board or frame and lit all at once with sticky match or quickmatch. They are made in various colors. When a setpiece is completely lit up, the lance create a picture, letters, or any image.

Dimensions: 5/16" ID, 3/8" OD, 1/64" wall thickness, 4" length, Spun closed bottom (no plug necessary)

Colored lance compositions:

Weingart Yellow Lance #2
Chemical Parts Percent
Potassium Chlorate 4 57.14%
Sodium Oxalate 2 28.57%
Shellac 1 14.29%

Weingart Red Lance #1
Chemical Parts Percent
Potassium Chlorate 16 72.32%
Strontium Nitrate 3 13.56%
Shellac 3 13.56%
Lampblack 0.125 0.56%

Weingart Green Lance #1
Chemical Parts Percent
Potassium Chlorate 7 43.75%
Barium Nitrate 3 43.75%
Shellac 2 12.50%

100 ea.

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