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Electric Ignition Supplies

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Ematch dip kit contains enough pyrotechnic mix to make 300-500 electric matches (Ematch heads or blanks are extra.)

Contains all of the pre-measured pyrotechnic compositions needed to make electric matches, using GN5030 Ematch Heads or GN5040 Ematch Blanks (ematch heads with wires attached). Follow the simple directions to mix the two-part pyrogen, and you can be making electric matches in ten minutes. This is a more reliable alternative than any of the other e match projects we have. 3 components in 3 separate bottles in each kit.

Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I tried out the new e match dip kit - absolutely awesome. Never had to thin it, dried in minutes even in the Pacific Northwest 50 degree 80% humidity weather and 100% success on firing them. Also the instructions are fantastic... photo's.. Now who would have ever thought of those!!! --Best Regards, Chuck Briggs, Wisconsin

1 kit


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Our Electric Fireworks Igniters work just like the igniters the professionals use on big fireworks displays. Unlike fuse igniter clips that must heat up and burn though the fuse to ignite your fireworks, these igniters can be used to fire your fireworks the instant the button is pressed. This provides better timing and control of your fireworks display.

Using Electric Fireworks Igniters also allows you to wire 2 to 4 fireworks devices in series, enabling one cue to fire more than one firework at the same time. Take your backyard fireworks to the next level, and amaze your friends and family with Electric Fireworks Igniters.

The only readymade, professional grade solution available for the backyard shooter without a license.
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Box of 40 ea.


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Economy Shooting Wire is sometimes referred to as zip wire, scab wire, or pyrotechnic wire. It's used for connecting electric matches to slats or to electrical firing systems.

This 26 gauge, duplex, solid core copper wire does not come on a spool. Rather it is a tightly wound roll of wire wrapped in cling film. Wire color is red on one side and blue on the other.

500 feet per roll.
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500 ft. roll


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50 ematches per plastic bag. Each electric match has a 1 foot long lead wire soldered to an ignition chip containing a 48-49 gauge (.035 mm) nichrome bridge wire.

These ematch blanks are specially designed to be used with Skylighter's GN5051 Electric Match Dip Kit.

Note: Colors may vary.

50 ea.


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