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Firework Fuse, Ignition Supplies, and Cannons

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Fireworks Fuse

A Note About Fuse Burn Times
The burn rates and times given for different fireworks fuses are approximate. They will vary from one fuse batch to the next, and even within one roll of fuse. If burn time is critical for you, you should always test-burn and time a length of the fuse you are using, before you rely on it. We advise timing at least one foot of any fireworks fuse, where timing is important.

Another factor in fuse burn times is that the shorter the burn time per inch or foot, usually the more energetic the fuse will be. So, for flying fish fuses, for instance, a shorter burn time can mean that the fuse will "fly" more quickly through the air. But at the same time, the thicker the fuse, the heavier it will be in the air, and this will slow the "flying" effect some.
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Visco fuse. High quality, Chinese made. Burns hot and gives a lot of fire.

Perfect safety fuse for your homemade fireworks, or connecting several consumer fireworks to fire to fire one after another. This 3mm fuse burns hot and spits lots of fire it will easily ignite connected fuses making it a good choice for timing flights of shells.

Burns at approximately 1.5-2 seconds per inch.

Ships as 10, 3-foot (1 meter) lengths for a total of ~30ft.

US Mail Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
30 ft.


Visco fuse. High quality, Chinese made. Burns at approximately 2.5 seconds per inch.

Burns hot and gives a lot of fire.

Each unit is 1, 10 foot roll.
US Mail Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
10 ft.

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