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Novelty Fireworks

Buy Sparklers, Party Poppers, Snaps, Smoke Crackers

Novelty fireworks are small, quiet, very safe fireworks that you can get by mail order. These include poppers, snakes, smoke bombs, and other pyrotechnic devices. Poppers are great for New Year's celebrations, weddings, religious festivals, anniversary parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, wakes, and just general all-around fun.

While these items really are fireworks, they are considered safe enough by the authorities to be shippable by ground without any restrictions. Just add them to your next order and start having fun as soon as you open the box. If you are going to need them during the busy times of the fireworks season (June-August), it's a good idea to order earlier than that.

You do not need to send us your identification to order any of the items below.

Item No. Description Unit Price Qty

18 packs of 6 sparklers (108 sparklers)
Perfect for a medium sized weddings, our Heart Shaped Medium Wedding Package includes 18 packs of 6 sparklers (108 sparklers total)
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
108 sparklers $95.87


14 inch sparklers are great sparklers for wedding or party favors. They last long enough for everyone to light up at the same time, and they're light enough for guest to be able to hold easily.

Their sturdy metal stick make them great for guests to wave through the air. They burn for approximately 70 seconds, plenty of time for guests to enjoy and to get lots of pictures.

They have a special primer on the tip to make them easy to light. Be sure you order enough to test-light before the event.

12 packs of 6 sparklers, for a total of 72 sparklers. Price: $0.23 each.

*Packaging may differ from the image.
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
72 sparklers $21.97



20-inch long gold sparklers are the best sparkler to use in weddings, because they last long enough for everyone to light up at the same time, yet light enough for guests to be able to hold easily.
Must Ship Ground or 3-Day. Cannot be Shipped Overnight or 2-Day
96 sparklers $69.95


Quantity: 1 - Extra Large Confetti Cannon with Red Slip Confetti
This item is shipped by ground services only. Because air shipment is not allowed, confetti cannons cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

This Extra Large Confetti Cannon launches an impressive display of red rose petal confetti up to 15-20 feet high. Approximate dimensions: 18" long x 2" diameter
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
ea. $7.19


24 packs of 8 Premium grade gold wire wedding sparklers (192 sparklers, actual length 19 inches)
Package Contains 24 packs of 8 Premium grade gold wire wedding sparklers (192 sparklers, actual length 19 inches)

Premium grade wedding sparklers burn for about 100 seconds, nearly 2 minutes. Premium wedding sparklers are double dipped. That makes them burn with the largest, most brilliant "sparkle" effect of any #20 sparkler being sold in the United States today. Give each of your guests 2-3 of these gold sparklers and you will have all the time you need to get perfect photos during your sparkler exit. These wedding sparklers are made with a special black easy-light tip. But you should always use a windproof lighter or another sparkler to light them. Premium wedding sparklers are made on a steel wire core, which means they produce the least amount of smoke possible, and will not drop hot ashes on wedding guests and clothing. They are the perfect and inexpensive way to end your weddings, party or celebration.

#20 gold wedding sparklers make wonderful table centerpieces, wedding favors, or in your sparkler sendoff line. The brilliant sparkle effect also makes for an unforgettable sparkling sendoff line which will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

How many will I need?
You will need 2 to 3 #20 gold wedding sparklers per guest.

Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
192 sparklers $109.83


Small Package Contains: 18 packs of 8 Premium grade gold wire wedding sparklers (144 sparklers, actual length 13 inches)
Our #14 Wedding Sparkler Package is perfect for up to 30 wedding guests. Includes 18 packs of 8 sparklers (144 easy-light gold wire sparklers, actual length 13 inches).

Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
144 sparklers $35.05


8-inch Gold Sparklers with a special primer on the tip that makes them easy to light. Easy to hold and light weight, they're perfect for kids, but always under adult supervision. This is the sparkler to get when you need really large numbers of them. Order more than you think you will need. Kids of all ages will play with these little gold sparklers for hours. You never seem to have enough once the party starts.

6-8 inches long, gray colored on a wire stick. They burn 40-45 seconds each with beautiful gold-orange branching sparks. 4 packs of 12 boxes containing 6 sparklers in each for a total of 288 sparklers.
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
288 sparklers $33.53

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