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Novelty Fireworks

Buy Sparklers, Party Poppers, Snaps, Smoke Crackers

Novelty fireworks are small, quiet, very safe fireworks that you can get by mail order. These include poppers, snakes, smoke bombs, and other pyrotechnic devices. Poppers are great for New Year's celebrations, weddings, religious festivals, anniversary parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, wakes, and just general all-around fun.

While these items really are fireworks, they are considered safe enough by the authorities to be shippable by ground without any restrictions. Just add them to your next order and start having fun as soon as you open the box. If you are going to need them during the busy times of the fireworks season (June-August), it's a good idea to order earlier than that.

You do not need to send us your identification to order any of the items below.

Item No. Description Unit Price Qty

Beautiful decorative paper lantern shaped like a lotus blossom. With a heavy base, you can use them to accent gardens and landscaping, lighting on walkways, party decorations and many more creative uses. They are beautiful, reusable, and elegant.

Each Lotus Garden Lantern comes with a tea light candle that burns for hours. You can fold the petals into any desired shape.

These have a heavier base than our Floating Lotus Lanterns so that they won't blow around when it's windy. They're made of flame resistant tissue paper and wire. They come packed 6 to a box in assorted colors.

Order Mon-Thur by 12:00 EST - Use Tomorrow - Overnight Shipping Available
6 lanterns $23.96


This product will change any wood burning fire to shades of blue, green, and purple. In order to do so, throw 2 or 3 packages into the fire.
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
(1) 25g package $1.56


Wedding Confetti Poppers shoot white paper streamers from a white plastic "champagne bottle."
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
72 poppers $21.35


This product is great in daylight! There are three bright smoke colors per pack. They burn for approximately 5-10 seconds.
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
1280 smoke crackers $28.98


You hold a Magnum pistol popper and just pull the trigger. It pops and throws out colored confetti and paper streamers. Same kind of pull-string item as "champagne poppers", but more fun to use because you can do it with one hand. One box of 36.
Ground Shipping Only - No Air or Overnight
36 poppers $23.38

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