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Parallel/Convolute Wound Fireworks Tubes

Paper Rocket Tubes, Fountain Tubes, Mortar Tubes, Fireworks Tubes

What's the difference between a fireworks tube that is parallel (or "convolute") and one that is spiral? Well they're made differently and it's easy to tell by the way the paper is wound. Paper towels or toilet paper are both wound parallel. But the paper tube inside them is wound spirally.

So in making fireworks, when do you use parallel tubes and for what? Well, for some fireworks making applications, parallel and spiral tubes are interchangeable. But in general, parallel tubes are used to make fountains, rockets, whistles, hummers, and mortars. Chose a parallel tube whenever you want the strongest wall strength for your fireworks device. For instance, when ramming (hammering) rockets, you will want maximum wall strength. Skylighter offers a wide variety of parallel tubes for rockets in what are considered to be standard sizes. But if you need a shorter or longer tube, you may want to buy the uncut 24-36 inch tubes and cut them yourself, using any sort of saw. More resources on making fireworks and finding the right tube for your pyrotchnic device.

Item No. I.D. Wall O.D. Length Description Unit Price  Qty.

3/8 3/32 9/16 3-1/2 100 ea. $16.68

1/2 1/10 0.675 2.5 25 ea. $7.23


1/2 1/10 0.675 5 25 ea. $10.27


1/2 1/8 3/4 5 50 ea. $14.49 Sorry, this item is not in stock at this time.

Call us for availability.

3/4 1/8 1 3
Parallel wound rocket tubes made specifically for 1 pound stinger missiles.
50 ea. $11.52


3/4 1/4 1-1/4 7-1/2
1 pound rocket tubes. These parallel wound tubes can also be used to make fountains, whistles or drivers.
25 ea. $33.36


3/4 1/4 1-1/4 30
These uncut, parallel wound tubes can be cut to any length you need for making rockets, fountains, roman candles, etc. For instance, standard 1# black powder rocket tubes are 7-1/2" long.
10 ea. $36.80

All tubes are natural kraft color unless otherwise noted.
Tubes marked with an asterisk * have machine rolled ends. They are not cut perfectly flush.
Tubes marked with NE are high quality tubes manufactured by New England Paper Tube.
Tubes marked with # have a slightly oversized I.D. (.400).
Dimensions are in inches, weights in pounds.  I.D. refers to inside dimension.  O.D. refers to outside dimension.

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