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8-Inch Gold Party Sparklers (288 sparklers)

8-Inch Gold Party Sparklers (288 sparklers)
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Item: NV0510A
Unit: 288 sparklers
Price: $33.53

Product Information
8-inch Gold Sparklers with a special primer on the tip that makes them easy to light. Easy to hold and light weight, they're perfect for kids, but always under adult supervision. This is the sparkler to get when you need really large numbers of them. Order more than you think you will need. Kids of all ages will play with these little gold sparklers for hours. You never seem to have enough once the party starts.

6-8 inches long, gray colored on a wire stick. They burn 40-45 seconds each with beautiful gold-orange branching sparks. 4 packs of 12 boxes containing 6 sparklers in each for a total of 288 sparklers.

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