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Electric Fireworks Igniters - Pack of 40 (no license required)

Electric Fireworks Igniters - Pack of 40 (no license required)
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Item: GN5002
Unit: Box of 40 ea.
Price: $47.60

Product Information
Our Electric Fireworks Igniters work just like the igniters the professionals use on big fireworks displays. Unlike fuse igniter clips that must heat up and burn though the fuse to ignite your fireworks, these igniters can be used to fire your fireworks the instant the button is pressed. This provides better timing and control of your fireworks display. Nothing is more disappointing in a fireworks show than waiting for a slow-burning fuse to ignite the next shell, fountain, or rocket.

Electric Fireworks Igniters can be connected directly to a fuse like fuse igniter clips, or they can be inserted directly into the fireworks’ lift-charge for instant ignition.

The 3-foot blue and white lead wires allow you to connect these igniters directly to slats and wireless firing systems, or they can be connected to shooting wire to extend their range.

Using Electric Fireworks Igniters also allows you to wire 2 to 4 fireworks devices in series, enabling one cue to fire more than one firework at the same time. Imagine the intensity of your finale when 4 racks of canister shells in different locations all begin firing at the same time. WOW!

Take your backyard fireworks to the next level, and amaze your friends and family with Electric Fireworks Igniters.

The only readymade, professional grade solution available for the backyard shooter without a license.

Electric Fireworks Igniters can be shipped right to your door by US Postal Service Ground.

* Coiled blue and white 3-foot lead wires
* Recommended firing current: 1 amp
* Maximum no-fire current: 300mA
* Nearly instant ignition

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