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Visco, Chinese, Green

Visco, Chinese, Green
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Item: ZGN1005
Unit: 30 ft.
Price: $17.97

Product Information
Visco fuse, 5/16th-inch (3 mm) diameter Chinese. Also called safety fuse, wick, and cannon fuse. Burns at about 1.5-2 seconds per inch.

Excellent, high quality fuse, lightly coated with nitrocellulose lacquer. Perfect safety fuse for your homemade fireworks, or connecting several consumer fireworks to fire to fire one after another.

This 3mm fuse burns hot and spits lots of fire it will easily ignite connected fuses making it a good choice for timing flights of shells.

Ships as 10, 3-foot (1 meter) lengths for a total of ~30ft.

Remember: Fuse speed varies roll to roll. The actual burn time may be faster or slower than listed in the descriptions above. Be sure to burn and time a 1 foot length of fuse to ensure the burn time is accurate for your application.

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