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Wedding Sparklers - Premium Grade #14 Gold (144 pieces)

Wedding Sparklers  - Premium Grade #14 Gold (144 pieces)
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Item: SP1404
Unit: 144 sparklers
Price: $35.05

Product Information
Package Contains: 18 packs of 8 Premium grade gold wire wedding sparklers (144 sparklers, actual length 13 inches)

#14 Gold Wedding Sparklers make great centerpieces for your reception tables and can be used for spectacular sparkler sendoff lines. They burn for about 60 seconds. And being our most affordable option, #14 gold sparklers give you the most sparklers for your money. But because of their shorter burn time we advise you to avoid any sparklers shorter than these. Photos of sparkler sendoffs using smaller sparklers look... well... pretty underwhelming. Allow about 5 of these #14 wedding sparklers per guest. What you don't want is a sendoff line with guests whose sparklers have gone out before you even begin your sendoff. Use a windproof lighter or another sparkler to ignite the black, easy-light tip (matches work poorly or not at all to light sparklers). Be sure and show your guests how to use their first sparkler to light their next ones, and so on. For weddings, you should always use steel wire sparklers like these, which create the least amount of smoke and will not drop ashes on wedding guests and clothes.

While our #14 wedding sparklers make for dazzling sendoff lines, many people find they burn out too quickly for photography purposes. Since getting the perfect photo requires lighting several sparklers at a time and handing them out, most people opt for longer burning sparklers like our #20 or #36 wedding sparklers.

How many will I need?
You should allow about 5 #14 gold wedding sparklers per guest.

How to Light Your Sparklers
The biggest problem people have with sparklers is getting them lit. But it's no problem at all if you follow these simple directions. Watch this video and learn how to light as many sparklers as you want, the first time and every time--no matter what the weather is.

These wedding sparklers are recommended for outdoor use only. Hold at arms length when burning. Children should not use without direct adult supervision. Not recommended for children under eight.

Note: Your sparklers can legally be shipped only by ground. No express, overnight, air, next-day, second-day, nor priority mail service available.

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