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Aluminum, atomized spherical, 9 micron

Aluminum, atomized spherical, 9 micron
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Item: CH0101
Unit: lb.
1 - 4 lbs. $20.12 per pound
5 - 9 lbs. $17.10 per pound    Save 15%, $3.02 per pound
10+ lbs. $14.08 per pound    Save 30%, $6.04 per pound

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Product Information

This -400 mesh "super fine" aluminum dust has a average particle size of 9 micron so it almost floats in the air.

It works well for slow and fast burst powder, but really shines is as a fuel for silver\snowball stars, go-getters and ignition mixtures\primes.

This atomized aluminum is just the right kind of hot. It also works well in delicate glitter tails on stars.

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