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Pyrotechnic Tools & Screens

Buy Ball Mill, Star Plates, Star Pumps, Mixing Screens, Black Powder Rocket Tooling, Stinger Missile Tooling

If you want to make fireworks like rockets and fountains, your success rate improves dramatically if you use fireworks tools designed especially for that device. No fireworks maker can do an effective job without the right tools. Skylighter carries a variety of tools for making fireworks and pyrotechnic devices. Check out the rocket tool kits, screens, fountain tools, screens, and rammers. More resources on making fireworks and using pyrotechnic tools. If you need a tool for making fireworks that we don't have, let us know. We may be able to get it for you or direct you to someone who makes it.

Star Pumps
There are 3 common methods for making stars for shells: roll them (spherical stars); cut them (square and random shapes); and pump them (cylindrical shape). One of the most simple ways to make stars is with a star pump. Pumped stars are fast and easy to make, and you can have a consistent shape and size every time. This means your stars will burn for the same length of time and perform consistently in the sky. Learning to use a pump is fast and easy. We have three types of pumps: standard, cavity, and crossette.

Economy Star Pumps These are made of brass for us in China. They differ from Standard Star Pumps primarily in having skinny "handles"--the long end of the pump used to hold on to. They are not fancy at all. The Chinese use very utilitarian tools in their fireworks factories. These are not polished, have no gnurling on the handle, and some of the handles have been ground with a bit of taper on top. You cannot beat the value. We do not always have them in stock.

Standard pumps make a simple cylinder shaped star.

Cavity pumps make a star with a hole in it. The hole can be filled either with a break charge to cause the star to break into pieces or with a different color or effect. For instance you could create a silver cavity star, and later fill the cavity with a green star composition.

Crossette pumps create stars that contain a break charge. The comet rises, then bursts into pieces; ours break into four symmetrical parts. Currently we offer brass crossette pumps made for us in China. They are not as "polished" as some American made pumps, but are well made, serviceable tools.

To use a star pump, retract the plunger till the pin clears the slot, or with the economy pumps, just retract the plunger all way up into the sleeve. Then, press the pump into the damp composition until it is full and simply eject finished star, prime and let dry. It's a good idea to use a sharp edged tool to smooth or the bottom of the star level.
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Star pumps explained here.
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Black Powder Rocket Tools
Each rocket tool kit consists of a knurled base, a spindle, one or more hollow rammers, and a solid rammer. The first hollow rammer forms angled nozzle from clay and is used to ram the first increment of fuel composition around the bottom of the spindle. The second and third hollow rammers are used for ramming composition up to the top of the spindle. The fourth, solid rammer is used to ram the remainder of the fuel above the spindle and the flat clay plug at the top. The base is milled from aluminum stock. The spindle is made from 304 stainless steel which resists galling and erosion from grog, titanium, and other hard materials. All rammers are custom turned to our specifications from 6061 T-6 aluminum round stock, and knurled to make them easier to hold. Use parallel tubes only for these rockets. There are no instructions provided with these rocket tool kits. There are, however, several articles on making black powder rockets in our Newsletter Archive. More information on making black powder rockets .
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Bamboo rocket sticks for 1 ounce rocket tubes. These are actually 1/8" x 8" long skewers for cooking.
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Mortars & Pestles
These mortar and pestle sets are very reasonably priced, Japanese-made porcelain bowls (mortars) each with a hard, porcelain grinding tool (pestle). These were made more than 25 years ago. I doubt if we will be able to get them again in this quality and price, once these are gone. Excellent for grinding small amounts of chemicals quickly. Good in your kitchen, too.

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60 mm width (about 2 1/3-Inches)
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90mm width (about 3 1/2-Inches)
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Set $54.34

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