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Videos on Making & Using Fireworks

Buy Firework Videos, 6-Inch Ball Shell Construction, How To Construct Mines, Electrically Fired Displays

If you are learning to make fireworks, Skylighter's videos on making fireworks will reduce your learning curve. Watch them and you can learn to the art and craft of making pyrotechnics more quickly and safely. Our fireworks videos are a great way to see first-hand how to make Japanese style fireworks (ball) shells, single and multi-break Italian style (canister) shells, various kinds of rockets, all kinds of fireworks stars, black powder, roman candles, girandolas, and mines. Most of these videos deal with very specific fireworks making projects. So, there is no one video that's right for a new fireworks maker. Shipping weight for each video is 1 pound. More resources on making fireworks.

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