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Festival Ball (1.875 in. ID) Fiberglass Mortar Tubes - 6, no rack

Festival Ball (1.875 in. ID) Fiberglass Mortar Tubes - 6, no rack
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Item: PL3182
Unit: 6 ea.
Price: $28.06

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Product Information
1.875" nominal inside diameter x 13" long, approx. 3/16" wall with fiberglass resin plug in bottom. Weighs approx. 1 pound per tube.

Used to launch consumer festival ball shells (1.4G reloadables) which are 1.6-1.8 in. in outside diameter.

IMPORTANT: If your shells are smaller than 1.6 in., use TU2100 spiral cardboard tubes. Firing too small a shell from too large a tube can cause a low-break. Low breaks can cause personal injury or fires being started. $4.67 per tube. Colors may vary.

Learn how to build a 20 shot rack for these tubes.

6 ea.

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