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Yellow Smoke Chemicals Kit

Yellow Smoke Chemicals Kit
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Item: KT0310
Unit: kit
Price: $42.42

Product Information
This kit contains all the chemicals necessary to make colored smoke. You don't need to buy any other chemicals. They have also been premeasured in exactly the right weight ratios for you. Your kit contains one pound of a blend of smoke chemicals, and a second container containing exactly the right amount of potassium chlorate to mix with it.

To make colored smoke, you will need to start with two blade (coffee) mills, one for each chemical. Do not use the same mill for both chemicals under any circumstances.

Next blade-mill each chemical separately for about 20-30 seconds to a light, fluffy consistency, with no lumps. Use one mill for the smoke blend, and the other mill for the potassium chlorate. Do not mill the chemicals together!

After milling both chemicals separately, dump them both into a plastic container and cover tightly with a lid. Shake the container for a minute or so to pre-mix them. Then run the powder through a 20-30 mesh screen at least 3 times to complete the mixing process.

After mixing thoroughly, you will end up with about 1.25 lbs. of mixed smoke composition, ready to light.

This kit is shipped in two separate boxes.

Smoke Bomb Instructions here.

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