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A Star Rolling Machine - DVD

A Star Rolling Machine - DVD
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Product Information
If you've ever hand-rolled your own round stars, you know what a chore it can be. Or maybe you've been put off by all the fuss and bother of hand-rolling. Now see Tom Perigrin and Harry Gilliam demonstrate a star rolling machine that actually makes it all fun and almost fool-proof to learn the art of rolling stars. Turn it on, throw in some cores, spritz a little water, add composition, and watch those stars grow before your eyes. Color changing and special effects stars are as easy as one-color. Tom shows you how you can use the machine as a composition mixer as well.

The "Round Stars & Shells" book, by Bleser, is a great companion piece to this video. Bleser gives you a tried and tested set of round star formulas, as well as a lot of very useful troubleshooting information. Like, what to do when you get "star warts."

45 minutes.

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