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3 Pound (1") Stinger Missile Tool Set

3 Pound (1") Stinger Missile Tool Set
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Item: TL1630
Unit: set
Price: $149.84

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Product Information
Stinger Missile fireworks are spin-stabilized fireworks rockets that use black powder fuel. When you light them, the rocket spins on a small pin, then flies up. They are gyroscopically stabilized; they don't need fins or sticks.

Stinger rockets are really easy to make. Using this stinger rocket kit, you can knock out a finished stinger in 5 or 6 minutes.

This size stinger uses 1" ID x 4" or 4-1/4" long parallel tubes.

Each Stinger Missile Tool Set contains:
- Base and spindle are machined from 6061 aluminum. The spindle is mounted with allen head screws in bottom and side, to prevent spindle from turning. Base has 2 flat sides machined for solid gripping, and can be easily clamped to your workbench.

- One 5"-long hollow ram with nozzle former.

- One 3.5"-long solid ram. Both rams have hole drilled through for use with supplied T-puller bar.

- One adjustable drill guide (and drill bit) for 1/8" (or smaller) standard visco fuse.

- One 3/16" allen wrench

Here is how to make Stinger Missile rockets.

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