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3/4-Inch Stinger Missile Rocket Kit

3/4-Inch Stinger Missile Rocket Kit
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Item: KT1465
Unit: Kit
Price: $123.28

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Product Information
This kit has enough tools and supplies to make 25 complete 3/4-Inch Stinger Missiles with silver titanium tails.

Here's everything in the Stinger Missile rocket kit:
- Potassium Nitrate, 1 pound (#CH5304)
- Airfloat Charcoal, 1 pound (#CH8068)
- Sulfur, 1 pound (#CH8315)
- 3/4-Inch x 3-Inch long parallel tubes, 25 (#TU1060)
- Bentonite Clay, 1 pound (#CH8078)
- Titanium Powder, .08 pound (#CH3006)
- Visco Fuse, 10 ft. (#GN1008)
- 3/4-Inch Stinger Missile Tool Set (#TL1610). Contains 1 aluminum base and stainless steel spindle assembly, 1 solid and 1 hollow rammer, 1 puller bar, 1 drill guide, 1 3/16" drill bit, 1 allen wrench.

Remember, you save 20% off the retail prices of the individual components when you buy this kit. Make twice as many - 50 - Stingers by just adding an inexpensive Refill Kit to your order.

You can use hand-made black powder with this kit (but be sure and follow our project instructions for making it correctly). You definitely do not need a ball mill to make your rocket fuel. But if you want to make black powder easier, faster, and with less work, a ball mill is definitely the way to go. Be sure and use lead balls to mill your BP.

If you're going to hand-make your black powder stinger fuel, you'll need a 40-mesh screen instead of the mill.

You can fly Stinger Missiles day or night, with or without a heading. Flying Fish fuse and Falling Leaves fuse make great, light-weight aerial effects.

Lightweight is important with these short Stingers -- ironically, the heavier or longer the heading you put on them, the shorter you have to make them. Otherwise, they won't fly straight up, and can become neighbor-garage-seeking missiles! Trust me on this.

Here is how to make Stinger Missile firework rockets.

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