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Visco Fireworks Fuse, Chinese, Green, 3/32 Inch

Visco Fireworks Fuse, Chinese, Green, 3/32 Inch
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Item: GN1005
Unit: 65 ft.
Price: $15.93

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Product Information
Standard Chinese Visco fireworks fuse. 3/32 inch (about 3 mm) diameter fireworks fuse, Also called safety fuse, hobby fuse, wick, or cannon fuse. Burns at about 1.4 seconds per inch. Excellent, high quality fuse, burns hot and gives a lot of fire, very lightly coated with nitrocellulose lacquer (not waterproof).

Connect this fuse to other pieces of fuse using masking tape the two pieces of fuse side-by-side. End-to-end connection is more prone to failure; crossing two fuses will often result in an ignition failure. Side-by-side is the most reliable.

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