Red & Orange Spanish Star Kit


Have you heard of “The Spanish Papers”?

Recently recovered from a source unknown, “The Spanish Papers” are a sacred collection of firework formulas thought to have been lost forever! Since their rediscovery pyrotechnicians have been enjoying the Spanish formulas for rich & colorful stars.

Due to the limited supply of Red Gum and its requirement in many Spanish formulas, we found a way to substitute the Red Gum for a chemical that will be widely available for years to come!  

Kit includes enough chemicals to make 4 pounds of stars!

- Potassium Perchlorate, 2 pounds (#CH5400)

- Strontium carbonate, 1 pound (#CH8310)

- Sodium Oxalate 1 pound (#CH8280)

- Magnalium, 1 pound (#CH2073)

- Parlon, 1 pound (#CH8210)

- Phenolic Resin, 1 pound (#CH8299)

Click here for Spanish Star formulas and instructions 


Part #KT1050