Visco & Effect Fuse 8 Pack

Save 14%

We are Currently waiting of Pink Cannon fuse.

Any orders placed before July 1st will replace Pink Cannon Fuse with similar fuse of our choice! 

Selecting the right ignition fuse can be confusing. What speed do I need? How much of each type?

At Skylighter we like to keep it simple! So, we removed all of the guesswork and created a package with the right fuse, in the right proportions.

The Visco Fuse  Assortment comes with 8 rolls of high-quality, 3mm. fuse, in 4 different speeds.

Each Fuse Assortment Contains:

  • 3 Rolls of "Pink"  Medium Fuse (GN1013) - 30ft.   10 pieces cut into 3 foot sections. 
    Speed: 9.5-10 sec/ft.
  • 3 Rolls of Fast Cake Fuse (GN1017) - 20ft.
    Speed: 12-15 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Silver" Flying Fish Fuse - 15ft

  • 1 Roll of "Red" Falling Leaves Fuse - 15ft                                                        

To buy all of this fuse a la carte it would cost you over $190! But by bundling them together you lose the guess work and gain a big discount. 

Each roll of fuse is color coded to prevent confusion and accidents.

Pink = Medium
Silver = Effects Fuse 
Red = Red Effects Fuse 


Part #KT0081