Titanium, Spherical and Flake, 20-200 mesh (Orange Spark)

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$17.49 /lb

This titanium consists of an assortment of flakes and spheres. The wide variety of shapes and sizes of this titanium creates a diverse spray of sparks that is a pleasant addition to any pyrotechnic composition.

Sold by the pound.  

This mix contains both (coarser) long hang time and (finer) "bushy tail" sparks. This titanium is a great choice for fountains, rockets, stars, small comets, saxons, and drivers or anywhere you need a long hang-time, full sparky tail.  

This titanium works great in the following projects:

Plasma Cutter Fountain

Saxon Spark Wheels

 "Sizzler" Sparklers

4 Oz. Black Powder Rockets

Part # (CH3112)