Titanium, Spherical, 200-325 mesh, Grade A (Bright White)

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$23.21 /lb

Spherical titanium consists of silver spheres. 

Sold by the pound.  

This medium-fine titanium is grade A, top-shelf!

It produces bright white sparks with a 6-inch "dead fall" duration, light crackling, and branching. This is your classic 6/4 titanium, bright and beautiful. Sparks propelled from a nozzle will far exceed the 6-inch duration. 

Works well in fountains, rockets, stars, comets, saxons and drivers. Mix this with larger particle sizes if you want long comet tails.

This titanium works great in the following projects:

Plasma Cutter Fountain

Saxon Spark Wheels

 "Sizzler" Sparklers

4 Oz. Black Powder Rockets

Part # (CH3110)