Sulfur Names and Descriptions

Amorphous Sulfur Rapidly cooled sulfur not soluble in CS2
Bright Sulfur Crude sulfur without discoloring impurities
Brimstone Crude sulfur
Broken Rock Sulfur Refined sulfur mixture of lumps and dust
Colloidal Sulfur Sulfur that has been chemically precipitated in water
Crude Sulfur Bright or dark sulfur, free of Se, Te and As
Dark Sulfur Crude sulfur with hydrocarbon contamination
Dusting Sulfur Crude or refined powdered sulfur
Elemental Sulfur Native sulfur at least 99.5% pure
Flour Sulfur Crude sulfur 200 - 300 mesh
Flowable Sulfur Colloidal or agricultural sulfur
Flowers of Sulfur Sulfur purified by distillation (actually sublimation)
Frasch Sulfur Native sulfur from superheated water injection
Insoluble Sulfur Flowers of sulfur treated with carbon disulfide
Lac Sulfur Precipitated from polysulfide solutions, up to 45% CaSO4
Native Sulfur Naturally occurring elemental form - often large crystals
Precipitated Sulfur Precipitated from polysulfide, washed with HCl
Prilled Sulfur Crude sulfur in small round pellets
Recovered Sulfur Elemental sulfur from any combined sources
Refined Sulfur Distilled sulfur more than 99.8% pure
Rubbermaker’s Sulfur Ground sulfur with low acid, ash and moisture content
Run-of-Mine Sulfur Frasch sulfur with lumps and fines
Slated Sulfur Crude sulfur that solidified on a moving belt
Virgin Rock and Roll Sulfur Refined sulfur at least 99.8% pure, cast or in lumps
Wetable Sulfur Powdered and treated for easy water dispersion
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