365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on making and keeping happy customers. If you have a problem with anything that we sell, we want to know about it. Call us if you ever have any doubts about the suitability of any product you buy from us. If you are not completely satisfied with anything you order from us, we will replace it or refund your money, anytime within 12 months.

How to Use Our Guarantee:

Return any unused portion of the product.
Just pack the product securely and mail or UPS it back to us. If you have any questions about which shipping method to use, please let us know.

Please include a copy of your invoice or your order number.
Call or email us if you don't know the order number, or no longer have your invoice.

Tell us whether you want a refund or credit against your charge card, or credit on your account, or exchange.
If you want a refund, we can either mail you a check, or give you a credit on the same credit card you used to purchase the product. If you prefer a credit, we can set up a credit balance in your account, which you can use to make purchases at any time in the future. If you want to exchange for another product, just let us know the product number(s) you want and the quantity.

What we will refund and what we won't. We will give you refund, credit, or exchange for any product we have sold you. We don't refund the following:
* Shipping charges
* Sales taxes

Returns are processed within 48 hours of our receiving them.
We will notify you by email or letter.
If your credit card account is credited for a refund, we will notify you by email that we issued you the credit. If you requested a check, we will mail it to you. If you want to exchange a product, your new order will be sent to you, along with an invoice showing the return credit and any new charges.

12 month return policy.
Our guarantee is in force for 365 days from the date of your invoice. You can return any product you purchased from us during that time period.

Guarantee applies to purchaser only.
This guarantee applies only to the person who actually purchased the product. If you did not actually buy the product from a Skylighter Inc. company, then our guarantee does not apply.

Return the product for any reason.
You can return any of our products for any reason whatsoever. Although we like to know why you were dissatisfied so that we can improve our products and service, you are under no obligation to tell us. We honor our guarantee as long as you meet the conditions on this page.

Please don't hesitate to call us at:

Or email us at: