Fountain (Gerb) Tooling

COMING SOON: Fountain (Gerb) Tooling
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Our Fountain Tools are designed to help you make fountains, gerbs, and wheel drivers quickly and consistently. They are machined from aluminum stock and sold as a set.

Each set consists of: a round base, a removable spindle/nipple that forms the nozzle, a hollow rammer, and a solid rammer. The hollow rammer has a tapered tip to form the nozzle from clay, which eases gas exhaust and reduces the chances of an explosion. The solid rammer is used to compact the composition above the nipple. Both rammers have been machined down a few thousandths in their midsections which makes it a lot easier to remove them from their tubes. The base and the rammers are knurled, which also makes it easier for you to remove them from the fountain tubes. The nozzle former nipple thickness is approximately 1/3 of the inside diameter of the fountain casing.

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