Fireworks Making Projects and Articles

Bright Star Compositions with High Magnalium Content

From Best of AFN III In an encyclopedia I found that magnesium powders are used in bright star compositions, but could not find any details concerning components and their respective quantities. Troy Fish mentions star compositions containing magnalium powders in...

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Chrysanthemum 6 & 8 Black Powder Stars

With thanks to the fine folks who put together Best of AFN II This is an examination of the fundamental black powder compositions known as Chrysanthemum 6 & 8. A brief discussion of these compositions can be found in the...

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El Cheapo Sugar Rockets

New to rocket making? Here's the perfect rocket project for you to start with. It uses basic rocket tooling that you can make in a few minutes at home. These sugar bottle rockets were invetnted by Dave Sleeter. He wrote...

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