Fireworks Making Projects and Articles

Pull String Igniter Instructions

WARNING: This kit contains chemicals that may be harmful to use or store. It deals with the mixing and construction of pyrotechnic devices and as such, they are sensitive to friction, heat, open flame and moisture and must be handled,...

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Crème of the Crop from the Spanish Formulas

INTRODUCTION The formulas chosen here are a handful of beautiful colors and a few effects that can be easily made up for amazing-performing fireworks! These aren't your typical fireworks formulas either! We have a nice range of colors in our...

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A Heretic's Guide to Roman Candles

Originally published in Best of AFN IV: There is the so-called "right way" to make Roman candles. Classic pyro writers such as Weingart, Lancaster and Brock tell you how to do it the right way. Other pyro writers follow suit....

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