Fireworks Making Projects and Articles

How to Make 3 Pound Double Voice Crackers

Double-voice crackers (DVCs) are effectively a mortar shot without a mortar tube. You can pump these out really fast, and have aerial effects in no time! In this article, we are going to use flying fish fuse for the fuse...

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2.5-Inch Paper Ball Shells

INTRODUCTION This article is geared toward building professional-style ball shells with a symmetrical and spherical burst pattern. Use this article as a guide to create an incredible show with authentic 2.5" ball shells! The article covers the use of red...

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Make Black Powder - Hand Mixed Method

Hand Mixed Pulverone Black Powder Used to Burst Shells Photo © Old Glory Powder Company It's called many things: handmade black powder screened powder green powder green mix rough powder polverone pulverone These are all terms to describe the same...

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