Pull String Igniter Instructions

WARNING: This kit contains chemicals that may be harmful to use or store. It deals with the mixing and construction of pyrotechnic devices and as such, they are sensitive to friction, heat, open flame and moisture and must be handled, used and stored accordingly. Since the use of this kit is beyond our control, by purchasing and/or using, the buyer/user accepts all liabilities thereof and agrees to hold harmless the seller and/or manufacturer from any liabilities concerning construction, possession, use and storage. The manufacturer and/or seller makes no warranties for application or fitness of use.


Pull String Igniters incorporate the use of a paper barrel containing an ignition cup and a cord tipped with a striker composition which is drawn through the ignition cup mix, thus creating ignition and a flame that ignites a fuse or delay composition within the barrel. This basic design can be modified and used in several ways and applications.

  • Six-inch length of 1/8" diameter wood or rubber dowel
  • Upholstery needle
  • Bostitch Model P-3 Staple Plier with SP19 (1/4") staples (Google or Amazon)
  • Rubber gloves


  1. Using an upholstery needle, the eye of which is just large enough to accept the cord, thread the cord through the center (cup) of each paper plug. Separate the plugs so each has six inches of cord and cut the cord 1/2" ahead of each plug (leaving 1/2" protruding out of the cup (inside) of each plug. Place a small drop of adhesive (Component C) to the string coming out of the back side of the plug to secure it from pulling out and set aside to dry.
  2. Add some adhesive to the vial marked "Component A" to make a slurry. Add the contents of the oxidizer packet (Component D) or one slightly rounded teaspoon of finely powdered potassium chlorate and mix. Add more adhesive to obtain a thick pancake batter-like viscosity for use. Note: Do not add more potassium chlorate than supplied or listed. Too much will cause the mixture to burn faster than intended.
  3. "Pour" the mixed Ignition Comp (Component A) into the syringe and slowly fill each cup around cord about 40% full (maximum) and set aside to dry. Do not fill the cups more than 40% full!! Too much may cause the igniter to explode like a firecracker. You should have some compositions left over. Suspending clothes pins on a wire to hang the cups works well. Simply clamp the cord out of the cup so the composition does not run out.

    Allow marked "Component B" to make a batter a little thinner than the ignition composition slurry. This is to allow the (thinner) composition to penetrate the cord. Dip the tips of the cord
  4. Add just enough adhesive to the vial extending from the cup 1/8" long and again hang to dry clamping the long cord this time. Allow it to dry.
  5. Included with this kit are 15 - 12" long tubes that need to be cut into 1.75" lengths. This will create 90- 1.75" long tubes and fifteen 1.5" long tubes (5 extra). Make the cuts with a razor knife so the cuts are clean, Holding the tube (barrel) in one hand, insert the ignition cup long string first into the barrel. Using a Q-tip or dowel, carefully push the cup about halfway into the barrel being careful not to push the striker coated er of string into the ignition cup, thus igniting it. Do not pull on the cord to seat the cup in the barrel!! When storing, never pull the igniters from the package by the strings!!
  6. As shown on label, pinch the tube end closed with fingers, push the cup to the pinch and staple the tube closed.


Component Key

Component A - Ignition Comp
Component B - Striker Comp
Component C - Adhesive
Component D - Oxidizer 



Author: Gary Purrington
Drawing of a cut-away view of a pull string igniter firework

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